aboutAmerican Roulette

    American Roulette is an exciting game of chance based on the spin of the wheel where large payouts are possible on small wagers. The aim is to place your chips on a number, combination of numbers or a color that comes up on the wheel.

    Guide for beginners

    Basic Play:
    At the roulette table, the dealer will exchange your money or cash chips for color chips. These are your chips and no one else can play with them, but you could also bet directly your cash chips on the layout.
    Maximum and minimum stakes are displayed in every table.
    The dealer will announce when you may place your bets, then will spin the ball in the Roulette wheel and announce when you should stop betting. All bets placed after the dealer calls “No more bets” will be returned. When the ball comes to rest in a number, the dealer will mark this winning number on the layout. All losing bets will be removed and all winning bets will be paid out as follows:

    Straight-up – 35 to 1 (bet covers 1 number)
    Split – 17 to 1 (bet covers 2 numbers)
    Street – 11 to 1 (bet covers 3 numbers)
    Corner – 8 to 1 (bet covers 4 numbers)
    Six-line – 5 to 1 (bet covers 6 numbers)
    Dozens & columns – 2 to 1 (12 numbers)
    Even chances – 1 to 1 (18 numbers)

    When you decide to leave the table, the dealer will change your color chips back into cash chips.